Wednesday, November 18, 2015

OW2 Siwpas Certified Java EE 6 Web Profile Compatible

I am very proud to say that OW2 Siwpas application server has been certified by Oracle as Java EE Web Profile specification compatible.

History of Siwpas
I had an idea of implementing Java EE web profile application server at the same time of writing the Apache OpenWebBeans project, which is an implementation of the Context and Dependency Injection Platform for Java EE. My idea was to implement a Web Profile Server Implementation from all other Apache Java EE related projects, including Apache OpenWebBeans, OpenEJB, OpenJPA, MyFaces, Bean Validation, and of course Tomcat.

I put huge effort, and began to implement such a server around OpenEJB+Tomcat integration code which was a lack of providing such compatible environment. Initially implemented OpenEJB + OpenWebBeans integration, found and fixed lots of bugs while integrating other projects of Apache EE projects and also contributed these fixes to OpenEJB and related projects. I finally implemented all piece and released a 1.0 version. Great ha! There were also some publication regarding Siwpas in news. Here is the InfoQ article about Siwpas.

Java EE Compatibility
But when comes to the certification, it was not easy. Because, certification legal work is very tedious and not so easy to access.

To become and release Siwpas as a Java EE Compatible application server, you must obey some rules which are managed by Oracle. You need to access Java EE Web Profile Technology Compatibility Kit (known as TCK) and must pass thousands of certification tests. 

At those times, the folks from Apache OpenEJB project probably thought about creating the same vision of such application server and they implemented Apache TomEE. If you look at the Siwpas and TomEE, you wonder that nearly all vision and mission is the same, except TomEE used Java EE Web Profile TCK because at those times Apache Software Foundation was a licensee of Oracle to use TCK suite. But, we suffered from to use such TCK because it is only available to companies which are the licensee of Java EE TCK. To become licensee, you have to work with Oracle regarding commercial agreements. Because, we did not able to get certified at those times, our community attention lost focus and TomEE started to get popularity.

And the rest is the history!!!

Siwpas New Home, OW2 Foundation
After a while, Siwpas project had been accepted by the OW2 Foundation (another great Open Source organization especially for providing enterprise grade middleware  software and also implementing a great cloud based solutions!) Because, OW2 is also a licensee of Oracle to use Java EE TCK suite, we finally used this TCK and passed thousands of TCK tests and certified.

Now, next step is to go for Java EE Web Profile 7.

Try it!
If anyone interested to work with Siwpas or give it a try:

 Have a nice week!

Gurkan Erdogdu

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