Monday, July 20, 2015

ManageCat Launches Enterprise Support for Apache Tomcat and Apache TomEE Application Servers

ManageCat, the cloud management company, starts to provide professional technical support for Apache Tomcat, Apache TomEE open source application servers. 

Los Angeles, California July, 2015 ManageCat, a provider of cloud management platform for Apache Tomcat, Apache TomEE and Apache Tomcat based Application Servers, announced the professional technical support for Apache Tomcat and Apache TomEE application servers.

Nowadays, most enterprise companies would like to use lightweight application servers for deploying and running their web applications. Deploying enterprise applications into the cloud is also increasing every day and as a result cloud friendly application servers are much more needed. Apache Tomcat and TomEE cloud friendly lightweight application servers are perfect fit for using in cloud environments. Apache Tomcat supports web applications which are implemented using Java Servlet and Java Server Pages technologies. Some enterprise applications also need more technology stack such as "Java Persistence, Java Server Faces, Java Transactions, Enterprise Java Beans and etc. Apache TomEE provides such a lightweight application server platform with all the features needed.

With ManageCat enterprise support, customers will not only get professional technical support, they will also able to use ManageCat platform to manage, monitor and troubleshoot the application servers.  Gurkan Erdogdu, Chief Technology Officer of ManageCat, author of Apache TomEE Cookbook and founder of Apache OpenWebBeans project, said that “With our enterprise support, we want to transfer not only our knowledge about Apache Tomcat and Apache TomEE and also other Apache Java EE technologies including Apache OpenJPA, apache MyFaces, Apache OpenWebBeans, Apache Bean Validation, Apache OpenEJB etc. We will be happy to help our customers to develop and deploy their production applications smoothly using Apache Java EE stack.“

Apache Tomcat and TomEE is supported by the ManageCat according to the subscription plans. There are two different subscription plans for getting technical support, "Basic Support" and "Enterprise Support". You can get more information from Technical Support Page to get more information about ManageCat subscription plans.

About ManageCat
According to latest researches, nearly 50% of the market is using Apache Tomcat for their applications, but there is no solution that is developed for the mission to manage, monitor and troubleshoot Apache Tomcat and Apache Tomcat based Application servers easily, in cloud or on-premise.ManageCat is founded to help his customers get complete control and visibilty into their Apache Tomcat instances with a next-generation solution. ManageCat users can now get visibility and control on their Apache Tomcat instances easier than before.

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