Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Jelastic Experience with TomEE

Recently I tried to use Jelastic Platform, Java and PHP Hosting Platform. Frankly, it's usage is very simple and pricing model is so clear and cheaper than some of the alternative hosting platforms. You can use Apache Tomcat or Apache TomEE servers for deploying your Java web applications in the cloud.

Here is the steps for using a free trial: (There are some resource limitations in the free trial but it is enough to test the platform):

How to Use Free Trial
  • Go to page,
  • At the main page, fill email text book and click "Try It Free" button.
    •  Now, check your email address to get your password to login the platform,
    • Open a browser and type the URL which is also specified in the mail,
    • Login to jelastic platform using your email address and password.
    • Voila, your are in the welcome page!
    Creating TomEE  Server
    • After login to the platform, you must create your environment to use some TomEE instances.
    • Click "Create environment" button to start, you will see the below screenshot:

    • Above we select TomEE. You can also select any available servers. In trial version, you can use max 16 cloudlets (each cloudlet has some defined resources in jelastic.). Write your environment name and  click "Create" button.
    • Here you go, your TomEE application server is ready to use.
      • Now you can deploy your applications into the TomEE. There is one sample application which is ready to deploy into TomEE. You can also upload your own applications and deploy them. It is really easy!
      More Servers, Databases, Load Balancers......
      You can also use Apache Tomcat and some other application servers. Databases and load balancers are also available to deploy.(Easy to configure and use).

      Overall I like Jelastic Platform. You can check for getting more information.

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