Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Apache Tomcat and TomEE Professional Support

Hey there,

Professional Apache TomEE and Apache Tomcat Support with NO HIDDEN COST!

Would you like to get Apache Tomcat or TomEE professional service support from Java EE gurus with no hidden cost! Me and my Java EE team provides 5x8 and 24x7 enterprise support for the Apache Tomcat and TomEE Server.  As a founder of the project Apache OpenWebBeans and several other big Java EE projects, we know the Apache Tomcat and TomEE and related projects in source code level.

Here is the deal:

Basic Support
Standard Support
Enterprise Support
Support Features

Product Updates
Security Patches
Emergency Hot Fixes
Service Hours
5x8 (Business Hours)
Number of Incidents
Web Based Support
Bug Fix Priority
Bug Tracking
Phone and IM Support
Max Response Time
8-12 hours
4-8 hours
2-4 hours
End of Life Support

* Per server means that physical or virtual server with single MAC address. It doesn't matter how many Tomcat instance the server contains.

Contact with me to get more information about price and support options!

TomEE, Tomcat and OpenWebBeans are trademarks of The Apache Software Foundation

Friday, November 1, 2013

MECHSOFT is Ranked 25nd. on the Fastest 100 Companies in Turkey

MECHSOFT is Ranked 25nd. on the 
Fastest 100 Companies in Turkey
The Turkey100 taking the global stage at the 5th Izmir Economic Congress with
his Excellency Cevdet Yilmaz, Minister of Development,
in front of a packed audience of 700+
Izmir, Turkey, 31 October 2013...During the last decade, Turkey's consistent track record of rapid GDP growth confirms its standing as an economic leader and as a coveted destination for global investment. Now, a new dimension of that success story is emerging - that of Turkey as an entrepreneurial powerhouse. 
The AllWorld Turkey100 Awards Gala was held October 31 in front of a standing room audience of 700 at the 5th Izmir Economic Congress. The Gala Awards were hosted by the Minister of Development, AllWorld Network, and the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey with the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

TomEE e-Book Discount code for TomEE Funs

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

DreamHost Free Promo Code with Free Domain Registration and Discount

With the holiday season just around the corner, we’ve decided to do something special for you! 

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Samsung UltraBook Series 9 windows 8 Memory Problem

When you buy Samsung 9 Ultrabook, there are lots of Windows and Samsung applications are installed into your system default. One of these program is called Intelligent Memory. This program is the reason of the very high memory consumption (nearly 98%).

You can uninstall this program from Control Panel and restart the computer. Now, everything comes to normal :)

Source : http://tinyurl.com/paaynns

I hope this helps.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Apache TomEE Cookbook is Out!

This cookbook is written for learning Apache TomEE internals by server administrators and Java EE developers. Administrators will learn how to configure TomEE for using it in a production environment. Developers will learn how to create web applications using the Java™ Platform, Enterprise Edition 6 (Java EE 6) technologies provided by TomEE runtime and to deploy these enterprise applications into TomEE.

Currently Apache TomEE attracts lots of companies and developers who develop code in Java EE technologies. Moreover, number of "Cloud Providers & Server Hosting" companies which sells TomEE deployment is increasing every day.  Although TomEE is getting very strong on technical side, there is no TomEE related book on the market. Like any other open source project, its documentation is not well designed and lack of containing lots of tiny important details (Lack of configuration details, not ordered & written like a technical book etc.). This is the reason why I wrote Apache TomEE Cookbook.

Book is targeted for Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) programmers and application server administrators using Apache TomEE in test and/or production environment. It is an all level experience book. Even an experienced TomEE administrator can benefit from the book.
This book is written as a Cook Book. It provides collection of recipes how to configure and use TomEE application server easily even for the non-experienced users. Therefore, I want to name title as "Apache TomEE Cookbook".

Content of the Book: This book is a cook book and quickly explains concepts and configuration of TomEE. Here is the chapters:

  • Chapter 1 : Introduction 
  • Chapter 2 : Getting Started 
  • Chapter 3 : TomEE Architecture 
  • Chapter 4 : TomEE Web Server, Apache Tomcat
  • Chapter 5 : TomEE EJB Lite Server, Apache OpenEJB 
  • Chapter 6 : Deployments in TomEE 
  • Chapter 7 : JavaEE Technologies Used in TomEE 
  • Chapter 8 : TomEE Security 
  • Chapter 9 : JNDI Naming In TomEE 
  • Chapter 10 : Transactions in TomEE 
  • Chapter 11 : TomEE Clustering Features 
  • Chapter 12 : TomEE WebSocket Protocol Support 
  • Chapter 13 : TomEE GUI 
  • Chapter 14 : Testing Techniques in TomEE 
  • Chapter 15 : TomEE Embedded Usage 
  • Chapter 16 : Useful References  
  • Chapter 17 : ASF License 
I started with installation and configuration of the TomEE. Then dive into the its components and their configurations. Provides information about Security, JNDI, Transactions, Clustering and some useful and unknown features like "Embedded Server, Clustering etc."
I hope that this guide helps you for learning of TomEE secrets. Even if TomEE is an easy to use and powerful open source application server, documentation of the server is not well organized and complete. After reading this book, you will understand TomEE and its internal components. You can configure your own TomEE server easily after reading this book. This book also provides a very good information about other ASF Java EE Technologies including "Apache MyFaces, Apache OpenJPA, Apache OpenEJB, Apache BVAL" etc. You will understand how to configure these technologies within TomEE.
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