Thursday, August 23, 2012

Professional Open Source Support

Would you like to get first hand professional open source support for the following Apache Software Foundation projects?
  • Apache OpenWebBeans (I am founder of this project)
  • Apache OpenEJB
  • Apache Tomcat
  • Apache TomEE
  • Apache ActiveMQ,
  • Apache Axis-2,
 What We Offer to Our Customers
  • Products Updates : When a new version of the product is launched, we immediately deliver updates to our customers. It may also contains hot-fixes according to the subscription level.
  • Security Patches : Providing critical security patches.
  • Technical Support : Providing technical support according to the subscription level.
  • Custom Developments/Extra Features: Providing/Developing custom features for products that customer wants.
  • Development Support: Providing consultancy on Java EE project development.
 Please contact with me to get more information about support and for any open source products that are not listed above.

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