Monday, August 29, 2011

Using Siwpas WebSocket Protocol Connector With Firefox 6

Firefox 6 has launched with websocket protocol support that is enabled in Firefox default configuration. Currently Firefox 6 supports draft-ietf-hybi-thewebsocketprotocol-07. (Check what is new in Firefox6).

In Firefox 6, JavaScript WebSocket object is renamed to MozWebSocket because they want to emphasize that current implementation is still based on draft version of the specification.

Using Siwpas with Firefox 6

Now, you can implement a websocket based HTML5 applications easily. Siwpas, starting from the version 2.0.0, supports websocket protocol that is based on draft-7. Siwpas websocket connector isimplemented via NIO.

Example WebSocket Application

Actually, you can read my previous blog post about how to install and use simple web socket application in Siwpas. Instead of downloading Firefox Aurora 5 to test websocket application , now you can download Firefox 6 from here.

Installation NOTE: As I said above, WebSocket object is renamed to MozWebSocket in Firefox 6. You can download mozilla based sample application from here, Mozilla Based Sample Application

Enjoy WebSocket!

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