Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SIwpas Getting Closer to 1.0.0 GA


We are getting close to SIwpas 1.0.0 GA release. We have been working very hard to release SIwpas at the end of December.

SIwpas Promise

SIwpas will not be bloated with  technologies when it grows and matures. For example, lots of frameworks or servers have been launched as a lightweight but lots of them have swelled because of adding new stack of library with every new release.

SIwpas will be remain as lightweight web server that contains only the following technologies
  • Servlet and JSP
  • EJB Lite
  • CDI
It means that there will be no support for the following technologies
  • Web Services
  • Remote EJBs and other heavy level EJB concepts
  • Java Messaging Service
  • etc...
If you wish to use such technologies, give up SIwpas and use other well known Java EE application servers like Apache Geronimo, JBoss, Jonas etc.


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