Wednesday, November 3, 2010

SIwpas CR5 is Fully Compatible with CDI Web Profile TCK

 As you may already know, we have just released CR5 of SIwpas, lightweight web application server.  CR5 has been passed  "JSR-299 CDI Web Profile TCK"  version 1.0.1-Final unoffically. Beauty is that CDI TCK has been developing under an open source license (Apache Software License V2) and usage is a free of charge. I wish all of the Java EE TCKs are free but not! Therefore we can easily test SIwpas against JSR-299 Web Profile TCK.
Below, you can find several steps that explain how to run SIwpas against CDI Web Profile TCK.

How Could I run CDI Web Profile TCK  against SIwpas?
SIwpas is an open source project. All of the source code are located in
Steps to run CDI Web Profile TCK :
  1. Download SIwpas CR5 from
  2. Open SIwpas CR5 into "SiwpasCR5" folder
  3. Get SIwpas source code from trunk, (svn checkout siwpas )
  4. Go into siwpas/siwpas-cditck
  5. Copy siwpas-cditck/config/ into SiwpasCR5/bin/.
  6. Copy siwpas-cditck/config/tomcat-users.xml into SiwpasCR5/config/.
  7. Start SIwpas, (bin/ start)
  8. Run "mvn clean install" in the root of siwpas
  9. Run "mvn clean test -Ptck" in siwpas-cditck folder
  10. Stop SIwpas, (bin/ stop)
If everthing is ok, you are going to see the following messages on the screen after test has been run

Results :
Tests run: 636, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Skipped: 0

So what ?  SIwpas has passed current CDI Web Profile TCK.Internally SIwpas uses Apache OpenWebBeans ( project for supporting the core feautes of CDI specification.

Cool ha!

What does it mean?
It means that your next CDI application will run on any application server that has passed CDI Web Profile TCK :) No need to change any line of code... Promise of Java EE standards.

MechSoft will give 24x7 support on using SIwpas. Look at for more information or send mail to



jlmonteiro said...

Congrats Gurkan!
I looks so nice.

Do you only target Apache projects? I mean, do you plan to provide such integration using Jetty?


Gurkan Erdogdu said...

Thanks Jean-Louis. Currently no plan to support Jetty in a near feature. We support only ASF Java EE projects.

jlmonteiro said...

Hi Gurkan,

OK, i can understand.
Anyway, I need to give it a try ;-)