Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Site For SIwpas, Simple Web Profile Application Server

We have opened new location for SIwpas in our web site.

Important Locations are,
You can download the SIwpas subscription guide from

Friday, November 5, 2010

MechSoft Launches Apache Enterprise Java EE Projects Support Program

We have launched the "Apache Enterprise Java EE Projects Support Program".

MechSoft architects have a deep knowledge of ASF Java EE Projects at the source code level. Therefore, we are the most trusted open source technical support company in the world. We offer two differents subscription packages for our customers, “Basic Level Subscription” and “Enterprise Level Subscription”. 

What We Offer to Our Customers 
  • Products Update
  • Security Patches
  • Technical Support
  • Custom Developments/Extra Feature Implementation
  • Development Support
Subscription Types

We have two types of subscription packages,
  • Basic Subscription, is the perfect fit for the non-mission critical applications.
  • Enterprise Subscription , is the exact choice for the customers who require 24x7 support for their mission critical applications. 
For more information visit the Subscription Guide Page

You can directly download subscription guide document from


SIwpas 24x7 Production Support

Would you like to use simple, powerfull and lightweight SIwpas application server? MechSoft provides all consultancy to migrate your applications to SIwpas.

See for our price information. Those prices may more cheaper than lots of SIwpas alternative application servers!

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24x7 Java and Java EE Support


Would you like to get support on Java and Java EE based on 24x7. MechSoft provides great enterprise support packages for their customers.

More information,

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Would You Like to Change EAR to WAR to Use SIwpas?


You want to use SIwpas but do not know how to change or translate your EAR archives to WAR archives. Do not worry! We could definitely help you!

Post an e-mail to us about your situation, and how we could help you!

Email address is


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

SIwpas CR5 is Fully Compatible with CDI Web Profile TCK

 As you may already know, we have just released CR5 of SIwpas, lightweight web application server.  CR5 has been passed  "JSR-299 CDI Web Profile TCK"  version 1.0.1-Final unoffically. Beauty is that CDI TCK has been developing under an open source license (Apache Software License V2) and usage is a free of charge. I wish all of the Java EE TCKs are free but not! Therefore we can easily test SIwpas against JSR-299 Web Profile TCK.
Below, you can find several steps that explain how to run SIwpas against CDI Web Profile TCK.

How Could I run CDI Web Profile TCK  against SIwpas?
SIwpas is an open source project. All of the source code are located in
Steps to run CDI Web Profile TCK :
  1. Download SIwpas CR5 from
  2. Open SIwpas CR5 into "SiwpasCR5" folder
  3. Get SIwpas source code from trunk, (svn checkout siwpas )
  4. Go into siwpas/siwpas-cditck
  5. Copy siwpas-cditck/config/ into SiwpasCR5/bin/.
  6. Copy siwpas-cditck/config/tomcat-users.xml into SiwpasCR5/config/.
  7. Start SIwpas, (bin/ start)
  8. Run "mvn clean install" in the root of siwpas
  9. Run "mvn clean test -Ptck" in siwpas-cditck folder
  10. Stop SIwpas, (bin/ stop)
If everthing is ok, you are going to see the following messages on the screen after test has been run

Results :
Tests run: 636, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Skipped: 0

So what ?  SIwpas has passed current CDI Web Profile TCK.Internally SIwpas uses Apache OpenWebBeans ( project for supporting the core feautes of CDI specification.

Cool ha!

What does it mean?
It means that your next CDI application will run on any application server that has passed CDI Web Profile TCK :) No need to change any line of code... Promise of Java EE standards.

MechSoft will give 24x7 support on using SIwpas. Look at for more information or send mail to


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

SIwpas, Java EE Web Profile Compatible Server CR5 Has Released

What is SIwpas?
SIwpas aim is to integrate Apache Software Foundation(ASF) JavaTM Platform,· Enterprise Edition 6 (Java EE 6) Web Profile Specification related projects· for producing a Java EE 6 Web Profile compatible server.To produce fully Java EE 6· Web Profile compatible container implementation, we have written unimplemented· features of those requirements that are imposed by Java EE 6 specification. Moreover, we have written integration module that integrates those projects to work with each other correctly.

If there is no compatible implementation of the required specification in ASF,· we use open source implementation that has been developed elsewhere. SIwpas is licensed under the ASL-2.0 (Apache License Version 2.0).

*NOTE* : Currently, SIwpas is not a certified Java EE Web Profile Server.·When we say compatible it means that it contains technologies that are·listed in Java EE Web Profile Specification. It does not mean that it has·passed Java EE Web Profile TCK suite. Certification is under our radar!

Release Notes for CR5
You can read Release Notes of CR5 from README_CR5

Project Information
Project Home Page :
Download Location :

SIwpas Team,