Sunday, June 13, 2010

SIwpas : Simple Web Profile Application Server


I have created a new project called SIwpas, SImple Web Profile Application Server. Project is located at the

Main motivation behind this project is to bundle and if necessary integrate "The Apache Software Foundation" "Java EE Web Profile specification" implementations with "Apache Tomcat 7". Initially I bundle and integrate the following Apache projects.
  • Apahce OpenWebBeans : For JSR-299 and JSR-330 support
  • Apache MyFaces            : For JSR-314
Initial release will be versioned as "SIwpas-1.0.0".

It is necessary?
While developing  Java EE web applications, most companies and developers use lightweight application servers, like Apache Tomcat. But most web application needs enterprise functionality that is more than JSP & Servlet technology. Therefore, developers begin to bundle those enterprise library dependencies into their applications. It creates a complexity and management overhead.

With SIwpas, our main motivation items,
  • Staying with lightweight servers, specifically Apache Tomcat
  • Bundle enterprise web projects real needs into it
  • If needed, extend it with small and well-defined maven projects

Stay tune!

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