Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Resistence to WebBeans

Hi folks;

We are at Apache Incubation, continue to implement JSR-299 for creating the first alpha release. In the mean time, I am looking the blogs, mailig lists etc. and I see that the people who are really expert in their areas, resisting to the WebBeans specification. I do not expect from them to embrace the specification, and also am not advocator of the WebBeans. But I am the advocator and supporter of the Java EE standards. Why?

For example, it enables you to free from the any vendor products that your application is developed with obeying the standards. It enables you to talk with standards with others. Look at working of the internet(aka,internetwork), all of the protocols, specifications etc. is standardized by the foundations. (HTML by W3C, TCP/IP by IETF etc.).

So WebBean specification is no different from them, and like other Java EE stuffs/specifications, it is standardized by the JCP and its members. Maybe, some of its promises (For example : DI) is handled by the third party Java EE frameworks, like Spring in a non-standardized way. Depending on Spring means that you are depending on the one vendor product problem, and you are not free!..

I think that Java EE community could embrace the WebBean Specification as a standard, and helping to find a way to integrate its capabilities into the Java EE 6.0 instead of reactioning without the absloute understanding of the what the WebBeans is?

Have a nice day folks;

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