Saturday, May 10, 2008

JBoss Messaging

Last day, I setup JBoss Messaging queue into the JBoss AS. I tried to connect to the Queue from standalone Java project in Eclipse. In Eclipse, I added the JBoss 4.2 GA runtime libraries to the project. Then when I tried to getting connection from the ConnectionFactory, JBoss Messaging on the server side throws Exception like that "bla bla... does not ping client bla.. bla...shut down ping....".

I struggled with this, searching all the forms, etc... I have not found the solution. Then, I tried to look at the classpath, jbossall-client.jar and jboss-remoting.jar are on the class path. But classloader first loads, jbossall-client.jar and then remoting.jar. Just I changed the order of these jars, then everything works like a charm.

Maybe it works for you and saves your valuable time..

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